Pure coffee enjoyment. With Miele Countertop Coffee Machines.

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Miele’s comprehensive expertise ensures unparalleled coffee enjoyment: from the choice of the perfect bean to the easy maintenance of the machine.

Perfect aroma doesn’t happen by chance.

The precisely coordinated technologies of the Miele Coffee Machines guarantee consistently high quality enjoyment. The Clean Touch steel grinding mill grinds each bean evenly to preserve its full aroma. Then, the dynamic AromaticSystem brew chamber mixes the coffee and water thoroughly by expanding during the brewing process. Together they deliver an intense aroma with fewer bitter tones.

Miele Black Edition coffee

It’s the bean
that counts.

Pure coffee enjoyment starts with the most important ingredient – the coffee bean.
Miele offers blends with Fairtrade certificate and Bio (organic) certificates for Miele Black Edition. The coffee blends are perfect for preparing coffee with Miele Coffee Machines. Traditional and particularly gentle roasting by hand.

DECAF (decaffeinated)


Options to suit all tastes at the touch of a button.

Coffee & tea

20 different types of hot beverages prepared with one single appliance

Would you like a Ristretto, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino or maybe a tea? The CM7* not only prepares Italian coffee specialties, but also various types of tea.

*Available summer 2021 


Adapts to every cup size

Small espresso cup or tall latte macchiato glass: the CupSensor recognizes its height and positions the central spout accordingly. The ideal distance not only avoids splashes but also ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema. Ready to serve!

OneTouch for Two

One button for double enjoyment.

OneTouch for Two allows two delicious coffees to be made at the same time: It’s the fastest and simplest way to enjoy two coffees together, be that Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or another variety.

A simple touch for taste.

The self-explanatory touch controls, including the C-Touch display of the CM 7750, are intuitive and easy to operate with a fingertip thanks to the clear text display. In expert mode, the preparation settings such as grind size, temperature and water volume can be adjusted even during the process. Favourite coffee settings can be added to the list of programmable user profiles.

Making every cup the perfect cup.

A good night’s clean.

The Miele CM7 Coffee Machine can be set to descale once a day – the night-time is especially convenient. The patented AutoDescale function uses a cartridge at the back of the appliance. This ensures that persistent limescale does not develop.

For individualists. For specialists. For perfectionists.
The CM 7750 flagship model with three coffee bean containers, a system that grinds beans freshly each time and WiFiConn@ct.


Perfect enjoyment: thanks to three bean containers, your favorite coffee specialty is always prepared with the most suitable bean.

* Patent: EP2957199, until 06/16/2035, BE, CH, DE, GB, NL


Particularly quiet and aroma-preserving: the innovative grinder of the CM 7750 grinds beans freshly for every cup of coffee.


Convenient and time saving: use your WiFi to remotely operate your machine or order coffee bean supplies online. This feature is available on the CM7 Coffee Machine.

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To maintain maximum cleanliness and longevity of your built-in or countertop coffee machine, Miele offers a variety of cleaning products.