Mart Visser

Timeless elegance
Mart Visser

He is among the most demanded fashion designers in the Netherlands, and the European fashion scene is thrilled by his creations as well. Mart Visser Haute Couture marked its 20th anniversary in 2012.

A whisper travels through the rows of the 1800 invited guests when the model steps onto the catwalk in an artfully crafted, long-sleeved white bridal gown and long veil. The stylish creation is without doubt the highlight of Mart Visser's highly celebrated 40th Haute Couture Show. The fashion designer chose the ideal surroundings for presenting his anniversary collection: Year after year international style insiders, trendsetters and fashion journalists get together during the "Miele Catwalk" in Vianen in the Netherlands.
Ever since launching his label "Mart Visser Haute Couture" in 1992, the creative Dutchman has introduced a new collection of women's fashion twice a year - and each time he receives praise and creates a buzz. He and his atelier in Amsterdam have become one of the most sought-after fashion designers in Europe. This is no surprise. Visser's timeless, exquisite designs with very sensuous but straight lines embody pure elegance and femininity - modern, chic, tough, sophisticated. His creations always embody a signature look - regardless of whether they are long, shiny evening gowns in purple, dark blue or bronze, soft and smooth ladies' suits with leather trim or light, summery dreams in black and white.

The fashion experts of the renowned Saga International Design Centre in Copenhagen noticed Visser's signature style early on. They invited the then young designer to complete his Masters Degree at their school after he had completed his studies at the Montaigne Fashion Academy in Amsterdam. Apparently a good decision: During and for a while shortly after his studies, Visser assisted the well-known fashion designers Frans Molenaar in Amsterdam as well as Anne Klein and Koos van der Akker in New York. At the age of only 25 he decided to turn his dream into a reality and launch his own label. His decision to create his own fashion label was confirmed when a famous actress from the Netherlands appeared in one of his creations. It has been onwards and upwards ever since.

Today many famous women from the Netherlands from the most diverse of social circles are a part of his fan following. Women of all backgrounds appreciate his collections, which have now come to also include dinnerware and accessories. That's because they are stylish yet wearable, and manufactured with the highest standards. The traditional art of tailoring and use of premium materials are essential for those who create high fashion. It is exactly for this reason that he sees the household appliance manufacturer Miele as the perfect partner. The beloved blouses, dresses, shirts and trousers that were created with such effort should stay beautiful for as long as possible. The special programs on Miele washing machines and dryers are the perfect answer.

Text: Kim Leclaire