Custom designs with colours and materials

Miele built-in appliances harmonize perfectly with each other not only in terms of design but also in terms of materials. Colour and design is key in maintaining a harmonious overall design and this is also true when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. With stainless steel, Brilliant White appliances, Miele offers premium colourand design concepts that can be integrated into traditional, contemporary and modern kitchens.
PureLine and ContourLine - stainless steel
Deep black glass creates an atmospheric background; the eye-catching stainless-steel handle becomes a striking feature. Both materials have been skillfully combined to complement one another perfectly. The horizontal design dominates; several appliances complement each other and form one continuous line.
PureLine - brilliant white
Bright and light for creating exciting contrasts or discreet for integration into white kitchens: PureLine in Brilliant White combines minimalism with crisp elegance. The design is clean and sleek, perfect for harmonious integration with a combination of kitchen appliances.
Features depend on model