Design for the highest quality of life

When it comes to design, we not only look at the appearance of a product, we also consider the experience the user will have with the product. We developed our new built-in kitchen appliances with this in mind. Our designers and engineers continually gain knowledge and inspiration on the international markets in which Miele operates - and their know-how puts them at the top of their class.
ContourLine exhibits tradition and exudes confidence. The focus is on delivering a professional kitchen design for those who love to cook. Familiar features reinterpreted: Premium quality is exhibited through the sleek handle that sits on a solid frame. Solid and clean lines clearly distinguish one design element from another.
PureLine - space for the essentials
PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated as a design element into a modern kitchen where the focus is on a minimalist range of materials. The extensive use of glass in PureLine appliances evokes a feeling of calmness. Horizontal stainless steel elements and an eye-catching handle which almost appears to float above the jet black glass are characteristic features of these appliances.
Features depend on model