The ideal solution for your kitchen

Depending on the niche size, Miele offers microwave ovens in a variety of sizes. Whether for a main course or a snack!
26 l oven cavity
The SideControl appliances with 26 l oven cavities are the ideal solution for smaller niches in the kitchen. Compact and powerful, you can use it to heat up food and drinks or prepare snacks. The 28 cm diameter turntable can accommodate a plate or several small items such as cups.
46 l oven cavity
Larger dishes, such as chicken or pasta casseroles can be cooked to perfection in the spacious stainless steel oven cavity of appliances with TopControls. The 40 cm diameter turntable is particularly versatile as different cooking containers or several containers, cups or plates can be used at the same time. Food preparation on a larger scale.
Features depend on model