The right size for every kitchen

At Miele, you have a choice of different designs and sizes of machine. You are certain to find the perfect coffee machine for your home – all manufactured to legendary Miele quality standards.
Built-in coffee machines
This machine fits perfectly into a 45 cm high recess in a tall wall unit. Combined vertically or horizontally with other Miele built-in appliances, it creates a harmonious appearance. This built-in appliance is also available as a plumbed-in version. When plumbed into the water supply the coffee machine is always ready for use. It is plumbed into the water supply. This eliminates manual filling of the water container. Another benefit: Your coffee is always prepared with fresh tap water.
Freestanding coffee machines
The Miele freestanding coffee machines can be placed anywhere in your home so that you can conveniently indulge in an exquisite coffee experience at the touch of a button.
Features depend on model