Optimum care of your Miele appliances

Washing machines
You want your laundry to be thoroughly cleaned in your Miele washing machine. We recommend cleaning your washing machine at regular intervals in order to ensure that it continues to work perfectly throughout its entire life cycle. Possible deposits are completely removed using Miele washing machine detergents. As a result, the strong performance of your appliance is maintained.
Perfect dishwashing results can only be achieved in a hygienically clean dishwasher. That's why it is important to remove any limescale and grease deposits which may have built up. For this purpose, Miele offers a range of cleaning and descaling agents. These products developed specifically for Miele dishwashers guarantee hygienically perfect results even in older appliances.
Built-in kitchen appliances
Stubborn stains are often unavoidable during kitchen work. Choosing the correct cleaning agent is very important to ensure that while the stain is removed completely, the surfaces are not damaged and that they can continue to look new for longer. Consequently, Miele provides special detergents and care products for the optimum care of your Miele kitchen appliances. These products make the thorough cleaning of appliances child's play.
Features depend on model