Li-ion battery powered by VARTA 
The Triflex HX1 lithium-ion battery is equipped with 7 high-performance cells for power and reliability. It was developed in conjunction with VARTA – the battery technology expert. Its practical spare battery gives the Triflex HX1 Pro up to 120 minutes of cleaning*. Up to 250 m²* can be cleaned with the connected Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush. The Triflex HX1 Pro’s spare battery can be conveniently charged in the battery charger cradle supplied so that it is ready for use when needed.
Valid for power level 1 without connected Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush and when using 2 rechargeable batteries.Valid for power level 1 with connected Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush and using 2 rechargeable batteries on hard floors with a double stroke. Features depend on model