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About 100 years ago washing was done by hand. But as early as the beginning of the twentieth century the first washing machines were developed and significantly simplified this daily chore. Since then, many technological innovations in laundry care have been developed by Miele.
Here, in addition to interesting information on materials, we offer you numerous tips for stain removal and explain the meaning of the care symbols.
Our wish is for you to have clean and stain-free laundry at all times!

Fabrics and their care

You have more than likely stood in front of a pile of laundry and asked yourself - what can I wash together and more importantly, how do I wash it? In most cases, your laundry comes out clean as you would expect. However, is there always the chance of an unpleasant surprise. Your favourite pieces shrank or became discoloured. In essence, the nature of the fabrics determines the care they they require. For this reason, certain ground rules should be observed. In this chapter we clearly describe the most important fabric types and their care so that you can start a program in the future with peace of mind.

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Tips on stain removal

Oh no! A stain. No need to panic. The guide to laundry care contains valuable tips on stain removal.
Here you will discover neat tricks and techniques to remove pesky stains: how to remove stubborn stains. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stain removal without a trace, but we can assure you that you will always have access to stain removal advice and tips on preserving your clothing. And perhaps the annoying stain will disappear after all.

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Care symbols

Whether washing, drying, ironing or dry-cleaning: there are signs and symbols for everything that represent certain dos and don'ts.
Here we explain the most common care symbols of your laundry and clothing to you so that you can care for your fabrics in the best possible way.

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