Miele MasterCool

Preserving the taste of nature

Redefine perfection with innovative cooling technology

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Perfection Redefined

Discover the innovative features and technology that sets MasterCool apart. Allowing you to recreate the cooling conditions of nature, in your kitchen.


“To me, the best possible taste comes from keeping ingredients as fresh as nature gave them to me.”

Kyle Connaughton -  3 Michelin Star Chef

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MasterCool fridges and freezers combine outstanding flexibility with premium aesthetics. The wide variety of MasterCool appliances ensures a perfect fit – for every kitchen.

The look of perfection

Follow a visual journey revealing MasterCool and the tastes it preserves from nature.

  • Capturing nature's freshness.

  • The taste of nature, at your fingertips.

  • Keep ingredients fresh as nature gave them.