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The new MasterCool II combines stunning design with innovative features. Learn more about MasterCool II.

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Product Range

Single Door Fridge and Freezer

The current MasterCool range of refrigerators and freezers offers the classic North American appliance widths of 18", 30" and 36". With the launch of MasterCool II, Miele will be pleased to offer 24" refrigerators and freezers. 

Thanks to the flexible MasterCool II column concept, fridge, freezer and wine cooler units can be combined to create a built-in combination to suit every kitchen configuration.


French Door

The French Door series is a highly sought-after fridge-freezer combination with two counter-opening side hinged doors on the refrigerator compartment. These models offer clear benefits with respect to the available space in the kitchen.

With the French Door series available in 36", Miele will introduce a French Door model to its MasterCool series for the first time.



With the Bottom-Mount model, MasterCool II will offer a new generation of fridge-freezer combinations. The MasterCool II Bottom-Mount models offer enhanced design and convenience features, and will be available in 30" and 36" widths.


Wine Storage

MasterCool II wine units will be equipped with additional convenience features to create the perfect preservation and storage of your wine.

The unit will be available with a SommelierKit and FlexiFrame bottle racks, which provide ideal storage conditions in three temperature zones. Additionally, each bottle rack features a chalkboard label to help you gain a quick overview of your wines.




With Push2Open, MasterCool II refrigeration appliances now allow for flush integration into any kitchen with handleless design. Despite the typical weight of the refrigerator doors on large-volume refrigeration units, Miele has succeeded in making the door opening process simple and smooth. Applying slight pressure on the cabinetry door gently opens the door to the ajar position.

LED lights

Finding what you’re looking for in a MasterCool II fridge is effortless thanks to interior-based bright LED light strips that distribute crisp, even light to every corner of the fridge. Items are visible on every level in spectacular clarity. Miele wine fridges also use efficient LED lights with adjustable ambiance mode to beautifully showcase your wine collection.

Flexible space

To optimize space, the interior is highly adjustable and customizable. The door shelves are height adjustable, as are the storage compartments and shelves. All drawers, inserts, and shelves can also be easily removed, if required, to provide ample space for tall items.


Within MasterCool II wine units, the SommelierSet has been redesigned and optimized for design and functionality. The FlexiFrame bottle racks are adjustable to perfectly suit the size of the bottle being stored. 



By maintaining an optimal combination of humidity and temperature, the MasterFresh zone keeps food fresh for up to five times longer than standard fruit and vegetable compartments. Giving you more time to enjoy your fresh produce, and saving you money by preventing food from going to waste.

Drop & Lock

Easy and safe: The shelves inside the door are height-adjustable and lock into position easily.


The dynamic cooling function ensures an even temperature throughout the entire cooling cabinet. It no longer matters on which level your food is stored because conditions are consistent throughout. The familiar levels of "warmer at the top, cooler at the bottom" in conventional refrigerators are finally a thing of the past with dynamic cooling.

Active AirClean Filter

To ensure that your food is not only stored at the optimal temperature but without odour transfer, the MasterCool II has an integrated Active AirClean filter discreetly located below the glass shelves.


Push2Open / Pull2Open

Miele has succeeded in making the door opening process simple and smooth. Using the selectable Pull2Open feature, the machine detects when the door is in the process of being opened and reduces the amount of force needed. This function makes opening heavy doors featuring custom or stainless steel panels with handles easy and convenient. With Push2Open, MasterCool II refrigeration appliances now allow for flush integration into any kitchen with handleless design.


All MasterCool II models will be WiFi enabled and accessible through the Miele@mobile app, allowing temperature changes and activation of SuperCool and SuperFrost functions to be performed from the convenience of a mobile device. Similarly, warnings, such as the door alarm, are relayed straight to a smartphone if the refrigerator door is inadvertently left open.


The MasterCool II LED touch-system control panel regulates the temperature levels and is available in 30 different languages. It also includes a Sabbath mode and offers an Eco mode for energy efficiency. The design is inspired by the future generation of Miele appliances.






Bottom-Mount Fridge

Bottom-Mount Fridge/Freezers

Wine Storage

Wine Storage