Product Highlights

W1 T1 Classic

Coming Soon

Miele Canada will be introducing the W1 Classic washing machine and T1 Classic dryer in Spring 2019.

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Miele Black Edition N°1 Coffee Beans

Pure coffee enjoyment

Only when high-quality coffee machines interact precisely with premium coffee beans can you achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

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Now Available

Miele Canada has officially launched the W1 T1 laundry series. Learn about the new W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers.

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The Miele Range

Precision for culinary perfection.

Our newest member of the cooking appliance line-up is revolutionizing the way we cook, with features such as MTouch technology, MoisturePlus, and the Wireless Roast Probe. It is the details that set the Miele Range apart from any other.

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Generation 6000 Dishwashers

Dazzling results with every wash.

The latest generation of Miele dishwashers brings dishwashing into a new era of design integration.

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The Miele Combination Steam-Convection Oven

Precision for culinary perfection.

This increasingly popular appliance is becoming a 'must' in every home, with healthy steam cooking faster and easier than ever.

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