HR 1954-2 G - 48 inch range --Stainless steel
  • --Stainless steel

HR 1954-2 G
48 inch range
- the Dual fuel all-rounder for the highest demands.

  • Multicoloured TFT touch display with clear text - M Touch

    M Touch

    the new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by tapping or swiping on the display. Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a button. Text and icons are perfectly visible on the central display. Information is presented in colour where user prompts are required.
  • Plenty of space for cooking - eight powerful burners
  • Speed oven for a maximum variety of uses
  • Perfect baking and roasting results - Moisture Plus

    Moisture Plus

    Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.
  • Precise cooking temperature – wireless precision probe

    Wireless precision food probe

    Perfect every time: Four test points for precise cooking of fish, meat, and poultry.
Price: $ 20,999.00*
* Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
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HR1954-2 G

Product details - HR 1954-2 G

Construction type 
Range with Speed Oven and Warming Drawer

The 3-door concept

Lots of space, a variety of uses: microwave combination oven, conventional fan oven and Gourmet warming drawer.
Appliance width in inches
Heating type 
Dual fuel

Dual fuel

A combination of two worlds: The gas-operated cooktop is combined with an electrically operated oven.
Gas type
Natural gas
Appliance colour
Stainless steel/Clean Steel
Oven display
M Touch
Microwave combination oven display
M Touch / M Touch
Convenience features 
Precise temperature regulation
75–575 °F is equivalent to 30–300 °C
Microwave power levels in W
Wireless precision probe

Wireless precision food probe

Perfect every time: Four test points for precise cooking of fish, meat, and poultry.
Food probe – microwave combination oven
Keeping warm
Crisp function

Crisp function

For a crispy finish: Some food is cooked better using dry heat, such as pizza or French fries.
Operating modes 
MasterChef automatic programs
MasterChef Plus automatic programs

MasterChef Plus automatic programs

Effortless bread baking: More than 15 different breads baked to perfection - fully automatic.
Auto Roast

Auto roast

Meat stays tender: The meat is seared at high temperature, then cooked at a lower roasting temperature.
Gentle Bake

Gentle bake

Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent cakes depending on model.
Maxi Broil

Maxi Broil

Versatile function for indoors grilling: For grilling large quantities of steak, sausages, kebabs, etc.

Convection Broil

Designed for small quantities: Ideal for small portions such as steak and sausages. Perfect every time.
Convection Bake

Convection Bake

Superbly light and fluffy: Ideal for quick, gentle baking and roasting on several levels.
Intensive Bake


Crispy crusts, tasty toppings: For pizza, quiche or flans, the base will be crispy, the topping will be moist.
Moisture Plus

Moisture Plus

Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.
Slow Roasting

Slow Roasting

For perfect results: With low temperatures, meat based dishes soon become fan favourites.
Microwave + Auto Roast
Microwave + Grill
Microwave + Convection Bake
Microwave + Convection Broil


Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.


Perfect finish: The final touch - ideal for gratins, glazing and browning


Individual requirements: For dishes which need to be cooked in a bain marie or browned from below.
Convection Broil

Convection Roast

Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside: Ideal for chicken, duck, roasts and many other meat dishes.
Special applications

Special modes

Ideal for special tasks: for example defrosting, drying, reheating or rapid pre-cooking.
Convenience features and operating modes – warming drawer 
Cup warming
Plate warming
Keeping food warm
Low temperature cooking
Precise electronic temperature regulation from 40 °C to 85 °C
Hob features 
Number of gas burners

Use above gas cooktops

For operation above gas cooktops with a total power rating of over 73800 BTU/h only Range Hoods are suitable.
Number of simmer burners
2 x 10.000
Number of simmer burners
2 x 13.600
Number of simmer burners
4 x 19.500
Simmer function
User convenience 
Metal rotary controls
Backlit rotary controls
Ergonomic handle

ComfortSwivel ergonomic handle

Easy open and close: The ergonomic handle simplifies operating the appliance door.
Motorised lift-up control panel
​​Sabbath program

Sabbath programme

Only from Miele: Pre-programming times of up to 72 hours or 3 days respectively.
Time synchronization
Timer function

Timer functions

Always on time: The start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process are easy to select.
Date display
Minute minder
Clock buffer in h
Auto switch-off
Programmable cooking duration

Timer functions

Always on time: The start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process are easy to select.
Actual temperature display
Recommended temperature
​​Signal when desired temperature is reached
User programs
Individual settings

Customized Settings

You decide: Language, buzzer tones, display brightness and much more can be individually adjusted.
Timed bursts of steam
Warming drawer capacity
6 place settings
Microwave popcorn function
Recommended microwave output for each operating mode
​Minute Plus
Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading of the warming drawer
Push-to-Open mechanism for the warming drawer
CleanGlass door
Door contact switch
Soft-close oven door

SoftOpen and SoftClose

Convenient operation of the oven door: Gentle opening and closing prevents the door slamming.
Oven compartment 
Oven capacity in l
3.21 (91)
Speed oven capacity in l
1.52 (43)
Number of oven shelf levels
Number of shelf levels in microwave combination oven
No. of halogen lamps
3 in ovens/1 in microwave combination ovens
Cleaning convenience 
Stainless-steel front with partial CleanSteel finish

CleanTouch Steel

No fingerprints on stainless steel: surface has special finish which keeps clean without special cleaning agents.
Stainless-steel microwave combination oven interior with PerfectClean and linen-weave finish
Oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning

Self-Clean Oven & PyroFit Racks

Less cleaning effort: Automatic self-cleaning of the cooking compartment and accessories at high temperatures.
Heated catalyser

AirClean catalyser

Protects furniture, walls and curtains: grease and odours are substantially reduced.
Grill element can be lowered
Dishwasher-safe enamelled pot rests

ComfortClean grates

Fast cleaning: Remove the grates and wash in the dishwasher. Keeps gas cooktops looking good for longer.
Cooktop surface
Black enamel
Efficiency and sustainability 
Energy-saving lighting
Residual heat utilisation

Residual heat utilization

Ecological and economical: Miele ovens turn off early and use residual heat to complete the cooking process.
Rapid heat-up

Rapid PreHeat

Short heating-up, baking & roasting durations: with uninterrupted airflow and rapid, even heat distribution.
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool fronts

Cooling system and touch-cool fronts

Maximum protection: All surfaces on and around the appliance remain cool and can be touched safely.
Safety switch-off

Safety functions

Your life saver: If you forget to switch off the appliance, the shut-off steps in for you.
Anti-slip mat in the warming drawer
System lock
Door contact switch
Door lock during pyrolytic cleaning
Technical data 
Appliance width in inches
47 15/16
Appliance width in in.(mm)
48 1/8 (1,220)
Appliance height in in.(mm)
37 1/8 (942)
38 5/8 (980)
Appliance depth in mm (depth) with bullnose
27 1/2 (698)
Voltage in V
Voltage convertible in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Water Connection for Moisture Plus
Standard accessories 
Anti-splash insert
Universal tray with PerfectClean
Self Clean ready baking and roasting rack
Glass tray
Illustration(s) generic, for explanation
*Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
**Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges