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Drying programs

Automatic Plus

The programs for two types of fabrics

For mixed loads: cottons and cotton blends can be conveniently washed together.

Silks handcare

Very delicate handling of natural fabrics

Hardly any creases: Silk fabrics are dried so gently that creasing is minimized.

Woollens handcare

Most gentle treatment of your favourite garments

Beautifully fluffy: Delicate wool fabrics are handled particularly gently, maintaining their quality.

Gentle smoothing

30% less ironing work

Great smoothing effect: Damp as well as dry laundry is visibly smoother.

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Gentle laundry care

Anti-crease action

Automatic loosening

Practical: the laundry is regularly loosened and is protected from crease formation.

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Exclusive to Miele

Enamelled front

Top-rate surface finishes

As good as it looks: The coating is scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, impervious to acids and easy to clean.

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Exclusive to Miele

Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use*

Extraordinary quality

Extraordinary quality: Thanks to extensive tests, Miele products last a particularly long time.

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User convenience

Linguistic flexibility

Your Miele appliance "speaks" multiple languages

Liguistic flexibility: various languages can be selected via the interface. A flag indicates your selection.

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Features depend on model

Things worth knowing about Miele tumble dryers

Condensation efficiency rating A for Miele dryers

Low moisture release for an ideal room atmosphere

Miele dryers are in an efficiency class of their own – also in terms of moisture release. Thanks to our high-performance drying technology, very little moisture is released into the room air.

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