Scout RX2 - SLQL0 00 - Robot vacuum cleaner --Mango red
  • --Mango red

Scout RX2 - SLQL0 00
Robot vacuum cleaner
optimum cleaning performance and app-based control.

  • Top-class dust removal thanks to Quattro Cleaning Power

    Quattro Cleaning Power

    Perfect for carpets and hard floors: 4-stage cleaning system with 4 cleaning modes for perfect dust pickup.
  • Systematic cleaning with 3D Smart Navigation

    3D Smart Navigation

    Intelligent navigation: 2 front cameras enable high-precision 3D object detection for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Convenient operation with MobileControl


    Mobile control and monitoring: With the Miele Scout RX2 app for mobile devices – anytime and anywhere.
    Available for a mobile device (for the minimum requirements, please refer to the information provided in the app store)
  • Thorough cleaning in corners thanks to Corner Brush

    Corner Brush

    Clean all over: The swung-out side brushes extend over the unit and can reach any corner.
  • Long battery charge – 60 mins non-stop

    60 min non-stop

    Powerful battery: lasts up to 60 minutes, making it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms.
Price: $ 999.00**
** Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
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ScoutRX2 - SLQL0 00

Already included with product - Scout RX2 - SLQL0 00

AirClean Plus filter
Remote control
Charging station
Demarcation of areas
magnetic tape
Side brushes

Optional Accessories - Scout RX2 - SLQL0 00

RX2-A Scout RX2 accessories pack
RX2-AScout RX2 accessories pack

practical accessory set for the Scout RX2.

$ 149.99**Details

For effective and reliable dust pick-up.

$ 44.99**Details

Rotates to remove stubborn soiling.

$ 44.99**Details
RX-MB Magnetic strip
RX-MBMagnetic strip

defines areas that should not be cleaned by the robot vacuum cleaner.

$ 39.99**Details

For safely trapping dust and ensuring clean room air.

$ 29.99**Details

For thorough cleaning of edges and corners.

$ 29.99**Details
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*Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
**Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges