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W1 White Edition

Signature appliance design with bowed front and elegantly designed door. Ideal for stacking.
 Load quantity
 Perfect wash results


Cleaner than ever: automatic dispensing with a revolutionary 2-Phase-System.
Patent: EP 2 784 205Patent: EP 2 784 205

Honeycomb drum

Soft to the touch: the hexagonal sculptured surface of the drum allows garments to glide on a thin film of water.


Dispense special detergents, fabric softeners and additives using portioned capsules.
Patent: EP 2 365 120Patent: EP 2 365 120


Efficient solution for individual items: wash a favourite blouse faster, more economically and gently than ever.
 Wash programs


Best care without the loss of function: Outerwear fabrics retain functionality in all weather conditions.
 User convenience

Delay start and countdown indicator

According to schedule: have your programs start at the time of your choice, matching your daily schedule.

Drum lighting

Enlightening: The honeycomb drum means that you will never forget another piece of laundry when unloading again.
 Efficiency and sustainability

Automatic load recognition

Miele smart load recognition: A smaller load means less water and power consumption- fully automatic.


Consumption under control: this function gives you full control over electricity and water consumption.

Hot water

Hot water for cool savings: You can make use of an energy-efficient water supply with a second connection.
 Appliance networking
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W 1753Front-loading washing machine

with Miele honeycomb drum for gentle treatment and care of fabrics.

$ 1,849.00**Details
WWF060 WCS WiFiConn@ctW1 Front-loading washing machine

with CapDosing and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care.

$ 2,599.00**Details
WWH660 WCS TDos&WiFiConn@ctW1 Front-loading washing machine

with TwinDos and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care & maximum convenience.

$ 2,999.00**Details
WWH860 WCS TDos&Int.Wash WiFiW1 Front-loading washing machine

with TwinDos and IntenseWash for revolutionary Miele cleanliness & convenience.

$ 3,299.00**Details
WWB020 WCSW1 Classic front-loading washing machine

with CapDosing for intelligent laundry care. 

$ 1,999.00**Details
*Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
**Excludes all applicable taxes and delivery charges
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