Employee Statements

Over 16,500 employees worldwide have different tasks, responsibilities and requirements and experience work in many ways. We would like to offer you an insight into the personal experiences of our employees.


Working for Miele is not like going to work; it’s a way of life.  I was a Miele customer first and loved the products so much I applied for a position and have never looked back.  

Jilly Robinson – Project Division Manager, Western Canada


I feel a sense of pride being employed by Miele. It is such a family oriented, hardworking and legendary German company. Working here I am able to maintain a positive work life balance.

Over the years I have learned many invaluable work skills which allow me to continuously grow. I have also forged long lasting friendships which are very valuable to me.

Robert A. – Service Operations Coordinator


Miele is a company that you strive to be a part of and never want to leave. Its family oriented culture, coupled with its perpetuating drive for improvement sets us uniquely apart from our competitors but further strengthens our brand through the talents of its people.

Eric Esguerra – Director, Customer Service & Operations


I am proud to work for Miele because of the honour that I feel when I tell people who I work for. Immer Besser

Debbie Fenton – Product Trainer, Alberta


Working at Miele is challenging and interesting – never ever boring. I feel that Miele really is a family atmosphere and feel very lucky to work here.  Great people, great products. I truly love to come to work every day.

Monique Fahey – Marketing Services Supervisor


Friendly managers that acknowledge work well done!

Steve Dumaine – Domestic and Professional Service Technician – Montreal, QC


Miele Canada is a company that offers an enjoyable and engaging work environment. I have the privilege of working for and alongside industry experts in all aspects of the organization whose primary focus is outstanding consumer experience. For someone who has been working in the consumer service industry for over 15 years and has a passion for providing excellent consumer experience, what more can I ask for. I love it here.

Behzad Shah – Customer Service Supervisor


One thing I love about working for Miele is how they help their employees grow.

I started my career in the contact center; however, after expressing interest in becoming a field technician, Miele sent me to night school and started my training, Afterwards moving me into an apprenticeship. I am now working as a field technician full time and loving it.  

Tim Countryman – Factory Service Technician, Toronto, ON


I like working for Miele as it provides me a workplace where I can be proud of our work ethics, our brand quality and integrity to each other. This company believes its employees are its best asset.

Andrew Keogh – Project Division Manager, Ontario


I’ve been working for Miele for just over 5 years and it’s the first time in my entire career that I feel like part of something bigger, and I believe that is because our ideas and actions matter. This stems right from the top down, and that is what makes this company great.

Paula Meissner – Sales Merchandiser, Toronto, ON


My Favourite thing about Miele is the people (my second family).  To be surrounded by co-workers who take pride in their work is contagious.  We all work as a team to build something great.  There’s a desire inside of everyone to be FOREVER BETTER. Miele is the best company I have ever worked for hands down – I only wish I had known about them sooner.

Helen Sakellaris – Customer Service Representative, Ontario