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Exclusive to Miele
Patented Air Recycling Plus*European patent EP 1 682 715 B1

Efficient sustainability

There is still a lot of thermal energy in the exhaust air after the drying process. The patented Air Recycling Plus system feeds some of this heated air back into the drying process. Furthermore, the recirculation air is sealed in the cooling program stage and only fresh air is fed in, which accelerates the cooling process. This ensures perfect drying results with very low energy consumption and short drying cycles.*European patent EP 1 682 715 B1
Low consumption

Economical and efficient

Save money and be environmentally friendly: brMiele Professional commercial laundry appliances are impressive with very low consumption values and are known for their efficiency. This standard is applied right from the product development stage: perfect results by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergents than is absolutely necessary.
Honeycomb drum

Gentle fabric care with unique honeycomb structure

The honeycomb drum with its sculptured honeycomb structure creates an air cushion between the drum wall and the laundry. Cushioning the laundry this way ensures gentle fabric care for perfectly dried laundry.
Short program cycles

Quick and efficient

Are short program cycles the most important factor to you? If so, then Miele Professional laundry appliances are your first choice: Thanks to top commercial technology, your laundry is done quickly.
Exclusive to Miele
PerfectDry system

Perfectly dried

The PerfectDry system consistently measures the residual moisture of the laundry, thereby achieving precise drying results - even when the water quality differs widely. This is because the system also measures the amount of water used for washing the laundry and adjusts the drying process in accordance with this important influencing factor. The predefined residual moisture level is achieved precisely; under or overdrying are avoided.
Freely programmable controls

Complete versatility

Individually programmable controls allow for all drying parameters to be adjusted to the respective application and requirements. These individual programs can be stored in 199 program places in the order you want. Diverse programs for reprocessing all kinds of textiles have already been stored. These controls offer you everything you need to meet the requirements of professional laundry care.