Making guests feel at home

The washing machines and dryers offer many advantages both for the users and for the operators. For example, thanks to the fast cycle times fewer machines are needed to deal with the wash volumes, which is ideal for locations where there is not a great deal of space. This is where installation as a washer-dryer stack is particularly practical. Short wash processes and a hot water connection also clearly reduce the energy costs.
Little Giants at the campsite
A campsite has very specific requirements. Laundry items and degree of soiling can be as diverse as the guests themselves.

The Little Giants know no mercy when it comes to stains and offer the perfect solution for quick, thorough and gentle laundry care at campsites and resorts.

Multilingual operation and a comprehensive program selection – from standard domestic programs to special programs for sportswear – ensure the satisfaction of your guests.
Shorter cycle times
Clean performance: Short program cycles are possible due to a hot water connection and a high heater rating.

Laundry is available again quickly and more laundry can be washed per day.
100 % more performance and capacity
In contrast to domestic appliances, the Little Giants are tested over 30,000 operating hours instead of 10,000.

Their drum volume of 73 litres corresponds to a load capacity of 8 kg for domestic appliances and therefore offers a large amount of space.

This makes the Little Giants the ideal solution for everyone who has more daily laundry than a normal household.
100 % more durability
During its service life the Little Giant handles an enormous laundry mountain of 198 tonnes. This is six times as much as a domestic appliance handles.

High-quality materials, reinforced shock absorbers and sturdy drum bearing ensure excellent durability and longevity for tough day-to-day laundry tasks.

In addition, Little Giants score highly with a powerful “heart”: the asynchronous motor with frequency converter enables a gentle start-up in the start phase and smooth, quiet running even at high speeds.
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