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Longer appliance feet
For optimum adjustment of the appliance height to the height of the countertop.

  • Maximum possible appliance height (without lid): 90 cm
  • Appliances can be installed from 82 - 90 cm

Product details - VGF-900

EAN: 4002515387689 / Article no. 67500907D / Mat. no. 09742270
Product category 
Fresh-water dishwashers
Machine/accessory categorisation 
PG 8055
PG 8055 U
PG 8056
PG 8056 U
PG 8057 TD
PG 8057 TD U
PG 8058
PG 8058 U
PG 8059
PG 8059 U
PG 8060
PG 8061
PG 8061 U
Product category 
Accessories for built-under machines
Other accessories
Product properties 
Galvanised sheet steel
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