PG 8130 U - Built-under dishwasher --NO_COLOR
  • --NO_COLOR
  • Fascia/control panel-NO_COLOR-

PG 8130 U
Built-under dishwasher
For piles of dishes in office kitchens, staff rooms and utility rooms

  • Wash performance: 13 place settings in just 58 minutes*Depending on site conditions (temperature of incoming water / power connection) values given may vary.
  • Requires an electrical connection for AC 120V 60HZ
  • Simple to operate thanks to clear fascia panel design
  • Everything completely dry – AutoOpen assisted drying

    Patented AutoOpen assisted drying*

    Completely dry: The dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of the program.
    German Patent DE 102 007 008 950 B4
  • The best care for your glasses – Perfect GlassCare

    Perfect GlassCare

    A gentle way to a perfect shine: With Perfect GlassCare, your glasses are thoroughly and gently cleaned.
  • Easy communication – WiFi Conn@ct 

    WiFi Conn@ct

    Excellent networking via WiFiConn@ct: retrieve status, control appliances & order detergent via smartphone/tablet.
  • Stainless steel
PG8130 U

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