PWT 6089 Vario [EL LP] - Performance

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Imbalance monitoring

Balanced spinning

During spinning, electronic imbalance monitoring facilitates consistent residual moisture levels. This process effectively prepares garments for the final step. Moreover, it reduces mechanical strain and thereby contributes to the long service life of the appliance - even at high spin speeds.
Exclusive to Miele
PerfectDry system

Perfectly dried

The PerfectDry system consistently measures the residual moisture of the laundry, thereby achieving precise drying results - even when the water quality differs widely. This is because the system also measures the amount of water used for washing the laundry and adjusts the drying process in accordance with this important influencing factor. The predefined residual moisture level is achieved precisely; under or overdrying are avoided.
Interval spinning

Intelligent spinning

With waterproof fabric in particular, there is a risk of water pockets forming. Interval spinning, which is adapted to this type of fabric, prevents this from happening.
Short program cycles

Quick and efficient

Are short program cycles the most important factor to you? If so, then Miele Professional laundry appliances are your first choice: Thanks to top commercial technology, your laundry is done quickly.