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Express yourself in Miele

Discover our next generation of kitchen appliances

In a kitchen, everything should work around you and reflect your own style.

The new Miele kitchen appliances are the perfect match for your every need – with intuitive technology designed around you. That's quality ahead of its time.​

Generation 7000


ArtLine’s handleless design integrates flush against any surface, transforming your kitchen into a minimalist masterpiece where culinary prowess takes center stage. Placing the most advanced technology into elegant form, ArtLine is the culmination of Miele’s goal to marry cutting-edge quality with timeless beauty.


A camera integrated into the ceiling of the oven enables you to create a variety of smart and innovative solutions. For example, you can always keep an eye on the cooking process, no matter where you are.


Control your oven’s climate with MoisturePlus. Strategically timed bursts of steam and carefully-engineered settings ensure roasts remain moist and baked goods rise to a fluffy, full height.


Create consistently perfect meals.  TasteControl automatically opens the oven door when the cooking time is finished - preventing overcooking and keeping food warm until you return.

30" Speed Oven

Outfitted with an advanced probe, sensors, and MasterChef cooking programs, this 30-inch speed oven is encased in a minimalist design that makes your culinary creations the star of your kitchen.


ContourLine is a reinterpretation of the traditional kitchen for passionate chefs everywhere. Stainless steel modernizes familiar shapes while preserving their functionality, creating a classic aesthetic that endures changing tastes and times.

48" Range


Grill vegetables and meat without leaving your kitchen. With advanced technology, you can cook different items on the same surface and still achieve the same perfect sear.

M-Touch Lift Panel

Experience total control at your fingertips with M-Touch. Tap and swipe through all functions with an intuitive touch interface that lifts up for easy access.

Wireless Food Probe

Cook juicy roasts and bake fish to flaky perfection with the Wireless Food Probe. Live updates are connected directly to your oven’s interface so you achieve extraordinary results every time.

30" Built-in Coffee Machine

Wake up to your own freshly brewed coffee beverage every day. Our coffee machines allow you to control bean and water settings, so each cup remains as delicious as the last.

30" Speed Oven

The latest step in a history of excellence, ContourLine's speed oven places our latest innovations into a beautiful traditional shape, allowing you to achieve delicious results in no time.

30" Warming Drawer

Cooking delicious food is only the first part of unforgettable entertaining. Keep your creations warm and ready to serve with this perfect complement to our line of appliances.


The contrast between materials in Miele’s PureLine creates bold horizontal lines and striking details. Stainless steel components compliment the jet-black glass surface, creating a calming aesthetic that stimulates your culinary imagination.

30" Combi-Steam Oven


A complement to convection, DualSteam functionality allows you to prepare vegetables and dumplings to moist perfection or roast meat to a perfect finish.

Miele Mix & Match

Create healthy dinners in no time. Instead of prepping ingredients individually, simply place the different components on a single plate, select your program, and enjoy.

Combi Cooking

Cook different ingredients like never before. Combi Cooking allows you to create a perfect balance of moisture and hot air to ensure the best baking and roasting results for any combination. 

30" Vacuum Sealing Drawer

Airless storage allows you to extend fresh flavours, marinate your food to mouthwatering perfection, or even prepare for sous-vide cooking.

24" Built-in Coffee Machine


With Miele’s AromaticSystemFresh, your choice of beans is freshly-ground for each cup and brewed right away for full-bodied aroma and intense flavour.


Whether you're in the mood for a dark roast or a light blend, CoffeeSelect allows you to select from three bean compartments offering more choice than ever.

AutoClean and AutoDescale

Make tedious deep-cleaning a thing of the past. AutoClean and AutoDescale save you precious time by automatically removing dirt and limescale build-up to ensure flawless performance of your coffee machine.


VitroLine’s sleek unity creates a timeless modernity that bridges present and future. Its monochrome glass surfacing extends even to the handle, making it a perfect addition to contemporary kitchens where amazing recipes come to life.

Timeless design

VitroLine's signature smooth surface reduces glare, while its tempered finish calls to mind the cool texture of stone.

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