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Great Bear Forest Carbon Project - Haida Gwaii

Miele Canada supports the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project which is located inside the traditional territories of the Haida Nation, British Columbia. The Great Bear project area covers more than 14 million acres and is within the Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii archipelago which is home to the largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world, and rich with old growth forests..

The project aims to increase carbon capture and storage by converting forests that were previously available for logging to protected forests, thereby preserving existing carbon stocks, reducing emissions caused by harvesting, road building and other forestry operations, and increasing the carbon stocks as the forest continues to grow.

In addition to the carbon sequestration benefits, the project protects the western red cedar, which is known as the “Tree of Life” and many important habitats for organisms such as the Kermode bear, black and grizzly bears, and seacoast wolves. The project also preserves important coastal and freshwater habitats for marine life.

Transparency & Tracking

The British Columbia Great Bear Forest Carbon Project’s impact is measured in ex-post carbon credits with 100-year permanence protection backstopped by the Forest Carbon Asset Management System buffer pool. The project follows the British Columbia (BC) Forest Carbon Offset Protocol for Improved Forest Management and is tracked on the BC Forest Carbon Offset third-party public carbon-reduction registry.