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Discover the Miele PowerDisk, an automatic dishwasher detergent that does the work for you.

What is an automatic dishwasher detergent? How does it make your life easier?

The PowerDisk automatically dispenses the optimal amount of detergent at the right time – for the perfect synergy of cleaning, drying, and protection.


Use the PowerDisk with all dishwasher programs, including QuickIntenseWash. Unlike dishwashing tabs, the optimal amount of detergent is dispensed at precisely the right time. Enjoy a perfect and sustainable clean by eliminating pre and post-rinse. 

Shining results

Thanks to its active oxygen, Miele's exclusive powder-granulate not only provides a sparkling clean, it also purifies and disinfects dishes for a perfectly hygienic result.

Set it and forget it

Once in place, the PowerDisk automatically dispenses and adds detergent to the washing cycle when needed. This allows your Miele dishwasher to run independently for approximately 1 month (or 20 cycles) – a convenient and efficient system.

How do automatic dishwasher detergents work?

In perfect sync

The G7000 series is able to do things ordinary dishwashers can't. With the integrated AutoDos automatic detergent system, these perfectly synced dishwashing partners know exactly what your dishes need and when, automatically adding the correct amount of detergent to the water based on the selected program and temperature.