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Long-Lasting Kindness For Your Clothes

Quality Ahead of its Time

Dedicated to sustainable clothing care

For the care your clothes deserve, and the efficiency the planet needs. Miele is committed to eco-conscious care that delivers powerful results. Our appliances combine smart energy consumption with optimal water and detergent use - for laundry done thoroughly, and thoughtfully.

Quality ahead of its time

Miele's brand promise

For over 120 years, Miele has been building innovative appliances that last. Our craft champions high performance without compromising sustainability. The Miele name promises quality—products that make life not only easier, but more enjoyable.

Anti-aging for your clothes

Introducing TwinDos

Automatic dosing system

Miele washing machines with TwinDos eliminate guesswork from your laundry routine. The intuitive auto-dosing system dispenses the optimal type and amount of detergent, precisely tailored to each load. Save up to 30%* detergent while discovering a sustainable way to wash your clothes.
* compared to manual dosing

TwinDos in Action

Best liquid detergent system on the market*

The right dose of detergent keeps colours bright and whites sparkling. The TwinDos system’s precise dosing pumps deliver optimal care to your clothes — automatically. Deep stains are removed, while the anti-greying effect keeps fabrics quality for longer.
* as tested and confirmed by the German Hohenstein test institute

UltraPhase detergents: A tailor-made solution

Redefine clothing care with UltraPhase 1 and 2, the ideal blend of liquid detergents exclusively developed for Miele. UltraPhase 1 ensures perfectly cleaned laundry with maximum colour protection, while UltraPhase 2 removes even stubborn stains.

Gentle on clothes, tough on wasting energy

Introducing EcoDry

Energy-efficient drying

How can we make laundry eco-friendly? Miele dryers are more energy-efficient due to an optimised cooling circuit and faster, lower-consumption cycles. EcoDry dryers are intuitive and easy-to-use, designed to work economically year after year.

EcoDry in Action

Perfect laundry care

The smooth honeycomb drum is gentle: it allows laundry to glide lightly, preventing pilling and laddering. This protects the fibres of different fabric types, helping your clothes stay soft and in shape for longer. 

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