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Terms of Use Product Ratings and Reviews

Miele (hereinafter: “we” or “us”) allows its customers to share their opinion of Miele’s products they have purchased by posting reviews, suggestions, appreciation, information, and recommendations of. These terms of use are applicable to your use of the product ratings and reviews on our website ( On our website we use the services of Yotpo UK Ltd, Tagwright House, 35-41 Westland Place, London N1 7LP , to collect and display ratings and reviews of customers for products they have purchased (hereinafter: “Service”).

  1. Service and Product Rating and Reviews

    1.1             The Service, accessible via our website, is a platform that allows you to leave opinions, advice, tips, suggestions, information, and recommendations (hereinafter: “Review") on the products you have purchased and to give them a rating and review. The Review must include a title, description and a rating in the form of a number of stars, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Also, the user should insert an email address [A1] if they wish to have their review published on our website. The email that the user will insert while leaving the review will not be shown then on the Miele website. By using the Service, you agree to these terms of use.

    1.2             To verify the authenticity of the Review, users will receive a further verification email after submitting the Review. The email will be sent to the email address that the user has inserted while leaving the Review. Only by verifying themselves via this email, will their Review by eligible for being finally published on our website.

    1.3             Reviews posted by users of the Service are testimonials of individual experiences and express personal opinions. We provide users with a space to store their Reviews for posting online. The information, text and content contained in the Reviews of users of this Service are responsible of their contributions. Consequently, we shall not be held responsible for such content.

    1.4             Once your Review is submitted, it is not possible to edit your Review. If you would like to have your Review removed from our website, please contact our customer service.

  2. Requirements for the Review

2.1             By submitting your Review, you represent and warrant that:

  • your Review does not violate any rights of third parties (e.g., copyrights, personal rights, etc.).
  • you are the sole author and owner of the intellectual property rights thereto;
  • all "moral rights" that you may have in such content have been voluntarily waived by you;
  • all content that you write in your Review is accurate;
  • you are at least 18 years old; and
  • use of the content you supply does not violate these terms of use and will not cause injury to any person or entity.

    2.2             The Service may not be used to disseminate content that contravenes public decency, public order, the rights of others or applicable laws and regulations, such as:

  • any abuse of the freedom of expression, such as comments consisting of systematic or non-objective criticism, as well as comments of a denigrating or malicious nature;
  • content of a violent or pornographic nature, or which is likely to undermine respect for the human person or his dignity, equality between women and men or the protection of children and adolescents;
  • the presence of personal data, such as name, telephone number, address or e-mail address;
  • the total or partial reproduction of content protected by an intellectual property right and for which you do not have rights, as well as messages constituting the infringement of a registered trademark.

    2.3             You are prohibited from using the Service for propaganda, canvassing, solicitation or proselytizing, for professional, commercial or political purposes (such as advertising, "spam" content or references to products of other brands, commercial offers or Internet sites, etc.).

    2.4             Reviews must not contain:

  • personal data, for example, phone number, e-mail address, postal address or any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person;
  • critical comments about other Reviews published on our website or about their authors;
  • comments relating to another product unrelated to the product noted; and
  • random characters or strings of words without meaning.

2.5             Reviews must not be contrary to these terms of use, our privacy policy and must not harm Miele’s brand image or business policy.

      3. Modification and publication of Reviews

3.1             Reviews and accompanying pseudonyms are read by moderators. While being committed to the premise that all relevant reviews, both positive and negative, should be posted as soon as possible and that reviews are not published nor rejected solely based on consumer sentiment, but rather based on authenticity, relevance, and acceptability, we reserve the right not to publish Reviews, in particular if the Review violates the provisions set forth in these terms of use.

3.2             We reserve the right not to publish or to delete (published) Reviews whose content is deemed inappropriate (and/or on which we have received a complaint), in particular Reviews that are incomprehensible, outrageous, defamatory, malicious, racist or unrelated to the products concerned. Also, we won’t publish reviews that contain personal information, such as credit card details, ID number, full name, email, physical address or phone number.

3.3             We reserve the right to modify the length, spelling, or certain terms of the Reviews in the interest of moderation or in order to improve the editorial consistency of our website.

3.4             A review should address the product: if a review contains information solely about shipping or service, Miele has the right to reject it.

3.5             A review should not promote competitors: we reserve the right to reject reviews that contain competitors’ names and product details

3.6             In the event of non-compliance with the terms of use of the Service, we reserve the right to restrict, suspend or cancel access to all or part of the Service, at its discretion and without notice. We reserve the right to contact you regarding this subject matter.   

3.7             In order for users to benefit from a relevant Service, you agree that published Reviews may be deleted in any of the following cases: the product which is the subject of the Review is no longer offered for sale by us or the product which is the subject of the Review has been modified in such a way that the Review is no longer relevant to the initial product.

       4. Intellectual property rights of content

4.1             By submitting a Review, you grant us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works from and publicly display such Review throughout the world in any media without compensation to you.

4.2             Any content published on the Service may be used by us and, if applicable, by its service providers acting on our instructions, to distribute the Reviews on our current and future public communication media, including, but not limited to, electronic communication services (in particular, the website or any other possible variation on any mobile device), as well as the websites of resellers and affiliates and/or marketing and/or advertising communication media (e-mailing, mailing, advertising banners on the Internet, point-of-sale promotional materials, etc.) published by us, its affiliates and resellers of Miele products.

       5. Privacy and personal data

5.1             Within the framework of the Service, we collect, process and pass to our provider personal data, such as customer name, email and customer ID, if you submit a Review on our website. On top of this, we also collect and pass to our provider the ID of your order, the order date and of the products that you purchased. Please ensure that you only provide information relating to your opinion and experience of our products in the input field provided and do not provide any personal or sensitive data about yourself in the input field.

5.2             Reviews hat have been accepted through the email request process will then show on the relevant product detail page, signed with the name that the customer entered when finalizing the online purchase.

5.3             We may transmit the personal data described in Article 5.1 of this term of use to Yotpo, so that Yotpo can provide all the functionalities of the Service. For more information about the use of personal data by Yotpo, please visit

5.4             The processing of your personal data shall be conducted in line with the provisions of the applicable law on the protection of personal data and our privacy policy. You have the right to access, rectify, oppose, limit, portability and delete personal data concerning you. For more information on the processing of your personal data, please consult our privacy policy.

      6. Contacting us and customer service

6.1             For customer service or anything non-product related, you can contact our customer service directly by clicking on this page:

6.2             We aim to provide you satisfying service. In order do this, our customer service may provide a comment or reply to your Review.

 [A1]We assume the email will only be used for this purpose and will not be publicly displayed as part of the review. Pls confirm.