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Miele Project Business Team

Our purpose: building tomorrow. Together, we can shape a successful tomorrow.

Director, Project Business

John Tsianakos

John has had the unique opportunity to build Miele Canada's Project Business from the ground up, working at all levels. This practical experience has shaped his vision and drive, leading his team to be a success for Miele Project Business globally. He has fostered strong connections; building meaningful life-long relationships and earning deep respect within the multi-residential industry.  John ensures his team is on the pulse of every project and in keeping the highest standards, pledging Miele’s commitment to 'Immer Besser', 'Forever Better' is met on every project delivered. 

Central Region

Senior Business Development Manager

Andrew Keogh

Andrew joined Miele in 2006, bringing great ambition and drive, he paved the way for tremendous growth and success for multi-residential projects in Ontario. Andrew's passion, his steadfast support, and the experience he brings to agents, developers, trades, and work colleagues have brought him industry respect and innumerable longstanding relationships. Andrew is a team player through and through and will not hesitate to go above and beyond, delivering nothing short of excellence for every project he manages.

Business Development Manager

Ali Reghabi

Ali joined Miele in 2018 and embarked on his Miele journey by trailblazing the opening of the flagship concept store, located at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, a first for Miele worldwide. Ali's decision to join the Project Team, supporting Central Canada was the perfect next step, with his extensive product knowledge, and exceptional customer experiences. Ali has been proficiently managing multi-residential projects and developing new business relationships ever since.

National Business Development Manager | Architect & Design

D'Arcy Pretty

D'Arcy joined Miele in 2018, managing direct projects and supporting architect and designer firms. With a background in design, D’Arcy understands what designers and architects need to be efficient and accurate for every project. She brings professionalism and design experience to meet their high-paced requirements and provides resourceful tools and presentations, keeping them on the leading edge of Miele’s products and innovations.

Western Region

Senior Business Development Manager

Jilly Robinson

Jilly joined Miele UK in 2003 and developed extensive knowledge of Miele Products.  In 2005, she joined Miele Canada and continued to use this knowledge and transfer her skills to our Project team.  Her depth of knowledge has driven the project business and formed longstanding  relationships with agents and developers through out western Canada. Jilly’s skill set is perfect for Multi residential from working at ground level/concept right the way through to post customer experience.

Business Development Manager

Billy Chan

Billy joined Miele in 2015, with five of those years playing an integral role in driving Miele Hong Kong's Project Business. Then in 2021, Billy joined the Project Business team, supporting Western Canada. Billy is the perfect complement to the strong Western team, bringing a deep understanding of the Asian market, along with the North American market has given Billy a unique perspective that has led to strategic initiatives, developed new partnerships, and driven significant growth.

Eastern Region

Business Development Manager

Nicolas Blouin

Nicolas joined Miele in 2007, with ten of those years at Miele Dubai, UAE and was instrumental in sales growth and brand recognition. Then in 2017, Nicolas joined the Project Team, representing Eastern Canada, building key agent and developer relationships, and growing the multi-residential business. His dedication, hard work and flexibility have all contributed to his success, always offering the best customer experience possible.


National Sales Coordinator

Megan Segee

Megan joined Miele in 2011 and has played an integral role in the administration of the Project Business. Megan is key in assuring that all project timelines are met and works closely with each team member, documenting and coordinating every project to guarantee its success. Megan's dedication and administrative support makes her an invaluable member of the Project Business team.

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