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Miele Appliance Overview

Our one-click tool for everything Miele. Download our full-product catalogue for quick access to product details, specs, user manual, installation guides and more.

Miele Blog

Your destination for culinary innovation and entertainment. Discover exciting new recipes, learn about new products and great ways to enjoy your Miele appliances.

Miele Certified Installation

Enjoy peace of mind. Learn about our Miele Certified Installation Program and the benefits you receive; like our 2 Year Extended Warranty. 

Extended Warranty Packages

We offer special service packages - each one with specific benefits for you and your Miele appliances.


As a company, we have formulated pledges that will significantly guide our future sustainability decisions for the planet. Learn more about Miele's sustainability pledges. 

Miele Professional

Professional solutions for your industry: Hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, nursing homes, education centers, medical facilities, laboratories, laundry facilities, and more.

Building Tomorrow

As a trusted and recognized premium brand, we  have carried out iconic projects with developers around the world. Learn more about our global Project Business.