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For that freshly-washed scent

Tumble Dryer Fragrances

Ensure your clothes leave your dryer with long-lasting freshness – without the fabric softener. Available in a variety of scents to suit your unique preference.

Treat Your Clothes and Senses

Enjoy the convenience of a long-lasting and well-balanced fragrance. For use in Miele tumble dryers with FragranceDos, our Dryer Fragrances are meticulously crafted by expert perfumers in Provence to ensure your favourite scent is efficiently added to your laundry during the drying process. 

Freshness That Lasts

Miele Dryer Fragrances release the perfect amount during the drying cycle, resulting in a fresh fragrance that lasts for up to four weeks – replacing the need for wasteful dryer sheets. Find your scent below, available in single or sets of 3 for 150 drying cycles. ​


Pure and thorough cleanliness with the refreshing Aqua fragrance, for impeccably clean and fresh laundry results. A refreshing blend of juicy green fruits combined with an aquatic, floral accord.


Indulge in a feeling of peace and harmony with our tranquil Cocoon fragrance. A soothing experience for both your senses and garments. Green pear, almond and relaxing tonka bean evoke the scent of comfort.


Discover the serene world of nature, with a captivating floral aroma that leaves your clothes beautifully scented. A composition of fresh bamboo, fruity apples combined with the purity of white musk. 


Our DryFresh fragrance is infused with Freshplex™* and expertly neutralizes unpleasant odours to rejuvenate your clothes. Discover a rich and floral scent enhanced with clean freshness. 

Fragrance Selection

Our most popular Miele Fragrances – Aqua, Cocoon and Nature – available in a convenient set for 150 drying cycles.

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* Patented technology from our perfume supplier Mane.