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Complement the performance of your washer

Miele Laundry Detergents

Our exclusive line of liquid and powder detergents are specifically designed with special formulas to preserve all types of garments. For use with any washing machine, experience superior cleaning results, avaialble in a variety of fragrances to suit your preference.

Tailored for You

No matter how many washes a week your household requires, you can rely on our wide variety of liquid and powder detergents just as much as our appliances: Wash quickly and efficiently at low temperatures, while simultaneously preserving the lifespan of both your garments and appliance. 

UltraColor: For Long-Lasting Colour Intensity

Say goodbye to pre and post-treating your fabrics – our powerful UltraColor formula does it all. Packed with up to 8 high-performance enzymes, UltraColor detergents tackle the toughest stains to ensure spotless results even at low temperatures. And with ColorProtect, your fabrics are guaranteed to stay vibrant and looking their best.

UltraColor Aqua

A highly effective solution for colours and dark items with excellent stain removal, even in cold washes. Featuring our Aqua fragrance for added freshness.

UltraColor FloralBoost

Indulge your senses with a fragrance inspired by blooming fields of flowers. Featuring a powerful 7+1 enzyme system, including the innovative OdorFresh – perfect for removing stubborn sweat and body odours.

UltraColor Refresh Elixir

Enhanced with the power of Freshplex™ to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odours, for laundry that smells as if it's been freshly aired. 

UltraDark: For deep dark and black fabrics

The ultimate care for your dark laundry with colour-preserving surfactants and an anti-pilling effect to ensure your favourite clothes are gently cleaned without fading. 

UltraWhite: For Brilliant Whites

This specialized powder detergent cleans your whites thoroughly and hygienically thanks to a high-active oxygen formula. This results in freshly washed, brilliantly white laundry that looks its absolute best.​

Care for Special Fabrics and Softener

WoolCare: For Precious Delicates

Nurture your delicate wool, silk, and cashmere garments with our WoolCare detergent. Specially crafted with wheat proteins, it provides gentle care for fabrics that need it by creating a luxurious carpet of soft foam during the wash cycle.

UltraSoft: For Soft and Fragrant Laundry

Make ironing a breeze, thanks to our innovative fabric conditioner that minimizes creasing by preventing electrostatic charges in washers. Enjoy the luxurious touch of fluffy soft laundry, accompanied by a captivating and long-lasting Aqua fragrance.

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