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Refrigeration appliances

A place for every type of food: Miele refrigeration appliances are equipped with advanced features to keep food fresh, freeze it, or store it, all under optimum conditions. With endless design combinations, from built-in to freestanding, or modern to traditional, there is a design to suit any kitchen style. Regardless of your choice, Miele refrigeration appliances add convenience for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Freestanding refrigerator/freezers

Miele freestanding refrigerator/freezers, also known as bottom-mount units, are the ideal solution for optimum cooling and freezing in one appliance. They have potential in other areas too: As freestanding appliances, they can be positioned virtually anywhere for maximum visual impact and convenience.

Built-in refrigerator/freezers

The perfect combination: refrigeration and freezing in one appliance. Our built-in refrigerator/freezers, also known as bottom mount refrigerators, are  adaptable: they can be fitted with a customized cabinet front to blend perfectly into an existing kitchen design.

Built-in refrigerators

Ensuring perfect storage of fresh food, our dedicated built-in refrigerators can be fitted with a customized cabinet on the front, to blend seamlessly into your personal kitchen design.

Built-in freezers

Maximum safety, maximum convenience: Miele freezers allow you to freeze food safely and easily, and can be customized to provide seamless integration into your kitchen.


With our large-capacity MasterCool built-in appliances, Miele is setting new standards. With premium quality and design, innovative technology, and ultimate convenience, Miele appliances perform at a level that has never been seen before. Take a look at the wide variety of appliances – from refrigerators to wine storage units – and create your own combination.