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Miele MasterCool

Redefine perfection with innovative cooling technology.


MasterCool Freshness system

Protective storage for long-lasting freshness at the ideal climate. Food stays fresh for up to 3 times longer due to perfect temperature and humidity levels thanks to SmartFresh.

DuplexCool Pro

MasterCool Freezing system

The refrigerator and freezer have separate cooling circuits – ensuring an optimal climate in both. And with no air exchange between the two compartments, natural aromas are preserved.

Perfect food storage


No need to worry about the best location to store your groceries. All MasterCool refrigerators are equipped with DynaCool for storage freedom: A fan ensures a uniform temperature throughout the entire unit, so food can be stored wherever you like.

Perfect lighting


Create the perfect lighting conditions in your Miele appliance’s interior even if it’s full of items. This is made possible by the high-quality LED strips in the side walls of your Miele MasterCool appliance. When opening the door, the lights gently turn on, giving you perfect visibility of what’s inside.

Easy to use with a single fingertip


Intuitive to use for excellent convenience: the innovative, high-resolution TFT touch display allows you to configure all kinds of settings directly on your Miele refrigeration appliance. A quick tap is all it takes to adjust the temperature or lighting to suit your specific preferences.

The perfect solution for a handle-free design


Convenient and reliable: a gentle press is all it takes to open the door of your Miele MasterCool appliance. This unique mechanism ensures maximum convenience – simply pull the door to open it further and take out whatever you need. This handleless design allows for a perfectly flush-fitted into every kitchen.

Ice cubes for cold beverages


With the IceMaker, the Miele MasterCool automatically make up to 100 fresh ice cubes per day. And with the plumbed-in water connection, ice cubes are made continuously until the storage container is filled, allowing you more time to enjoy iced beverages.

Unsurpassed quality

Quality built to last

Perfection and precision of the highest quality. This begins when selecting the right materials. High-quality glass shelves, scratch-proof plastic, and solid aluminum frames embody the premium design of Miele MasterCool appliances.