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Experience the power and convenience of Miele Caps

Laundry Detergent Capsules

Discover our pre-portioned detergents designed to thoroughly clean and preserve your special fabrics and garments. Our convenient Miele caps are easy to use and maximize the performance of your Miele washing machine. Enjoy improved hygiene, a longer lasting scent and increased longevity for your clothes.

Effortless Cleaning Results

Efficient and eco-friendly, our caps are available in single-use portions and available in a wide selection of varieties and scents to make the most out of every wash. Featuring an exclusive design that helps keep the special compartment clean, they can alternatively be opened with a practical pull-tag lid and dispensed manually.

Detergent Capsules

All our caps are single-use and made from recycled plastic with an easy to open lid. Each cap is precisely portioned with the perfect amount of detergent to minimize waste. Our innovative design not only maximizes cleaning efficiency but also prevents under-dosing or over-dosing, ensuring your laundry is always just right.​

WoolCare Capsules

Preserve your delicate wool garments with our WoolCare caps, specially crafted to create a smooth look by retaining the shape of fibres.

Sport Capsules

Eliminate unpleasant odours with our sport detergent, specifically designed to prevent static and ensuring freshness of synthetic fabrics with every wash.

DownCare Capsules

Infused with lanolin for gentle cleaning, our caps ensure that your down items maintain their elasticity, breathability, and fluffiness, without feathers sticking together.

UltraDark Capsules

The ultimate care for your extra dark laundry with colour-preserving properties to ensure your dark garments and jeans stay vibrant.

Fabric Care

Repair, Neutralize and Protect.

CottonRepair Capsules

Featuring a special Novozymes formula, CottonRepair gives your favourite items a second life by visibly renewing their colour and brightness and effortlessly removing pilling - with just one wash.

Booster Capsules

Tackle the most stubborn stains with our Booster caps, specially formulated with enzyme technology for best wash results even at low temperatures.

Fabric Conditioner

Pure, Fresh Cleanliness.

Aqua Capsules

Experience a superior level of cleanliness with a fresh, aquatic scent for soft and static-free laundry.

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