Quality. Efficiency. Speed. The perfect balance for professional laundry care

Slackliners bring technology, intuition and precision into perfect balance to achieve new performance peaks. Miele Benchmark machines combine efficient technologies, intuitive controls and special programs to provide a precisely matched system solution that guarantees immaculate hygiene and cost-effective processes on a long-term basis.

The Miele Benchmark Machines

With two product lines, the washing machines and tumble dryers from the Benchmark series offer specially optimized solutions for a variety of industries. The PERFORMANCE models are attractively priced and meet all standard requirements with their special programs. PERFORMANCE PLUS top models can be customized and are even able to handle Herculean tasks thanks to the numerous special programs available.

The goal: perfect processes

Slackliner is balancing on a rope between two peaks with the sea in the background.

Convenient controls

Intuitive touch controls with colour symbols, help functions and clear text ensure that programs can be selected quickly and confidently.

Hiker is standing on a summit with their arms wide open. An alpine panorama stretches before him.

Efficient washing and drying programs

Hygiene programs for all standard and special applications ensure thorough reprocessing and gentle care.

Slackliner is balancing on a rope. A mountain range can be seen in the background.

Programming tool

An intuitive response to the smallest of changes. Machine and program details can be browsed and freely adjusted to individual requirements and applications.

View from below of a slackliner balancing on a rope.

Sustainable system solution

Short running times, durable commercial technology and low consumption optimize processes, reduce costs and protect the environment.

A slackliner is balancing on a slack, red rope.

Benchmark washing machines

New sensors, optimized technology and OneFingerTouch enhance safety, streamline processes and increase the service life of the machines.

Benchmark tumble dryers

Patented systems ensure precision drying, short running times and low consumption.

Highlights of the new Benchmark generation

  • Low consumption

  • Short running times

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection

  • Simple operation

  • Intelligent connectivity

  • High-capacity system solution

Your direct connection to us

Do you have questions about the washing machines and tumble dryers from the Benchmark series? We will be happy to recommend the perfect system solution for your needs.