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360PRO: The Best System Solution On and Offshore

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The Best Result On and Offshore: Marine- and Offshore-Solutions From Miele Professional

We love the freedom of the sea. To give your team the freedom to concentrate on the important things at sea, we offer 360PRO. Our system solution with perfectly matched components for excellent quality and efficiency - worldwide.

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Marine and seafaring

Solutions for the marine industry. From superyachts to cruise liners and merchant vessels, we offer custom solutions to meet your requirements.


For the highest demands on the materials – built for tough working conditions. This is where reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness are critical.


Global customer service – blanket service coverage enables fast response times.

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Contact us to find the ideal products to meet even the strictest quality requirements. Marine and offshore machines are built for the rough and tumble of working life.

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Do you want to improve the quality of the daily reprocessing cycle or reduce your financial costs? We offer custom solutions: contact us to find out more!

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