I am MasterLine.

Hello, I am the latest powerful, durable and efficient professional dishwasher from Miele. I am designed to rise to the challenges of commercial dishwashing and promise to reduce your workload. I deliver hygienic results in the shortest time and have been developed to save our valuable resources.

Why choose MasterLine?

Dishes are washed with water in a running Miele Professional MasterLine dishwasher

I am hygienic.

I remove 99.999% of most bacteria due to my freshwater system, a rinse temperature of up to 85 °C and special hygiene programs

Miele Professional MasterLine touchdisplay and notification with timer

I am fast.

Ready in 6 minutes¹ and outstanding cleaning results. With my 'Rapid' program, intuitive touch controls for quick access and a flexible basket design you can benefit from up to 40 cycles a day.

Light bulb filled with money coins next to a pile of money coins from which a plant grows in front of a green background

I am efficient.

My easy installation, the new convenience and safety features make me an extremely efficient co-worker.

Three wind turbines atop greenmountains in front of blue sky

I am sustainable.

Short cycle times, durable materials and efficient dishwashing technologies save water, energy and detergent with every run.

Product Overview

Miele Professional MasterLine dishwasher stands in an empty room with white walls
MasterLine PFD 404 Hygiene
The new freshwater dishwashers with short cycle times
  • Comfortable M Touch Flex display
  • Cycle time of only 6 minutes1
  • High rinse temperatures
  • Comfortable automatic door opening and closing
  • Steam condenser
  • Lock to prevent unwanted access
Miele Professional MasterLine dishwasher stands in an empty room with white walls
MasterLine PFD 408 HygienePro
The new freshwater dishwasher for high demands on hygiene
  • Comfortable M Touch Flex display
  • NSF / ANSI 3 certified
  • 85°C rinse temperature
  • Comfortable automatic door opening and closing
  • Steam condenser
  • Optional internal dosing


I am ready.

  • Only 6 minutes¹ cycle time

  • Intuitive touch control

  • New convenience and safety features

  • Flexible basket design

I am a page-turner.

Discover the many innovations and benefits I offer.

All information on my technical features and a model overview is only a click away.

Accessories and consumables

Our 360PRO complete solution gives you all you need from a single source.

Dishwasher tabs and care products for Miele Professional MasterLine dishwasher

Chemical cleaning agents ProCare Shine

With the detergents and rinse aids of our ProCare Shine range, you reap the benefits from perfect compatibility with the machine. Carefully balanced formulations lay the foundation for professional dishwashing, saving you time and money with a sparkling performance.

One universal basket and two glassware baskets for dishwashers stacked on grey background.


Appropriate accessories simplify daily work, help to load and unload machines ergonomically, and streamline work processes. 

Baskets and inserts from Miele provide a secure hold on all levels, ensuring that each load item is properly positioned.

I am there for you.

Just as I care for your dishwasher needs, Miele Professional is here to answer any question that might arise.

  1. 1.
    Cycle time dependent on on-site connection. 6 minutes when connected to 208/240 V 60 Hz and 65 °C hot water, model PFD 404 only.