The Little Giants from Miele

Discover the compact washing machines and tumble dryers for professional use – and discover innovative technologies for even greater cleaning performance, economy, user convenience and flexibility.

Key benefits at a glance

Exemplary efficiency

Wash a mountain of laundry in a short time

Superb quality.

Extremely robust

Greater convenience and flexibility

Setting standards in modern user convenience

Performance is everything.

The Little Giants machines feature a full-touch colour display with clear text display in 32 languages and connectivity.

Little Giants washer and dryer:

Uncompromising high-end solution for the most demanding situations.

PWM 908 washing machines
  • Convenient interface with full-touch colour text display
  • Simple navigation in up to 32 languages
  • Patented honeycomb drum
  • Large drum size: 9 kg
  • 96-hour delay start
  • Product longevity: designed for 30,000 hours of operation
PDR 908 dryers
  • Large load capacity of 8 kg
  • As vented or heat-pump dryer
  • 4D filtration system
  • Maximum user convenience with full-touch “M Touch Flex” colour display
  • Optimum drying thanks to Miele’s PerfectDry system
  • Compact footprint of just 0.5 m²

A solution for every industry.

Whether you manage a restaurant, care home, hairdressing business or rented accommodation – the Little Giants from Miele are the ideal match for commercial laundry-care requirements.

Hotels and catering
A solid foundation for first-class hospitality.

Well-laundered textiles are the showpiece of every hotel or restaurant and contribute in a major way towards guests feeling at home and their willingness to return.

To ensure that towels, bathrobes and tablecloths are available again after use in the shortest of turnaround times, the new Little Giants feature commercial programs specifically designed for hotels and restaurants, washing and drying laundry in just 86 minutes.

Care homes
A solid foundation for considerate care.

In care and nursing homes, the attention of staff contributes just as much to a sense of well-being and feeling at home as hygiene, cleanliness and the careful treatment of personal garments.

With their special-purpose disinfection programs, the Little Giants from Miele clean thoroughly and gently and meet the highest standards of hygiene. Thanks to short cycles and their intuitive interface, the new machines ideally support processes in institutional care.

Small businesses
Just the job for satisfied customers.

Whether you run a hairdressing salon, a café or a butcher’s shop – any business striving to offer their customers an excellent service needs a professional solution when it comes to laundry care to free up time to devote to the core business.

With the Little Giants, the cleaning and drying of your textiles is simple, convenient and time-saving. Tailored special programs wash and dry both thoroughly and gently. And, thanks to their compact dimensions, the new machines are ideal for installation in small rooms.

A solid foundation for uncomplicated living.

A professional approach to washing and drying increases levels of comfort in rented accommodation enormously.

Characteristics such as extreme durability, low operating costs and a touch display with clear text in many languages make Little Giants the perfect proposition for housing associations where large volumes of laundry need to be washed whilst at the same time catering for the individual needs of different users. 

Other industries
The foundation for untold opportunities.

Of course, the Little Giants can also be used in many other areas, such as spas, fire stations, on board yachts or in childcare facilities.