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The Al Salam restaurant in Cologne

Cologne’s Al Salam restaurant has been serving a blend of traditional and modern culinary specialities from the Near and Middle East for more than 30 years. Where guests enjoy specialities from the grill and numerous mezze (hors d’oeuvres), three air purifiers from the domestic appliance and hygiene specialist Miele guarantee a safe and enhanced room climate.

Al Salam seen from the outside. It is dark and the building lights are lit.

Each evening, up to 110 guests dine at the Al Salam on two levels, surrounded by traditional interior architecture and in an authentic ambience. The dishes served are from countries in the Levantine region of the eastern Mediterranean – Palestine, Jordan, Syria and the Lebanon. The Al Salam was opened in the Cologne city centre in 1986 and is now managed in the second generation by the brothers Ahmad and Mohammad Nazzal.

A Miele AirControl purifier is positioned between the laid tables and chairs at the restaurant.

To ensure that guests can enjoy their visits without a care both during the pandemic and thereafter, both managing directors decided to introduce three Miele AirControl air purifier at the end of 2021. Despite the fact that two units covering 80 m² each would have been sufficient for a room area of 160 m², a third air purifier was installed at the recommendation of Miele, bringing the total capacity to 200 m² – as safety reserves, so to speak. The reason behind this decision was the high ceilings in the old building. With three model versions for room sizes of up to 45, 80 and 200 m² respectively, the Miele range offers a right-sized solution for all rooms. Depending on the application, the units can also be combined. With an air throughput capacity of up to 3000 m³ of air per hour (depending on the model), the entire air in a room is displaced and filtered six times per hour.

The Miele AirContol is installed next to the stairs. There are laid tables around the purifier

The Al Salam’s decision in favour of Miele AirControl was based not least on the fact that both brothers were already highly satisfied with their own Miele domestic appliances: “We spent a lot of time researching in depth to arrive at the most suitable products to meet our needs. At the end of the day, we went for Miele as it perfectly fitted our quality concept”.

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