PLW 6111

Compact dimensions, high capacity

Perfect and analysis-grade reprocessing of laboratory glassware with the Miele Professional SlimLine lab washers.

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Customer benefits

Compact machine dimensions combined with large chamber capacity

• Small footprint with width of only 650 mm
• 3 levels with injector nozzles
• Vertical clearance of up to 630 mm for large vessels

Intelligent controls

• Controls with flush, uninterrupted touch glass screen
• All information visible at a glance thanks to 3.5" display
• Maximum of 40 program slots (standard programs and
   vacant program slots)
• Simple and effective cleaning
• RS232 port for connecting to a printer or PC

Simple and efficient cleaning processes

• Chamber, spray arms and tank filters are made from
   high-grade stainless steel (DIN 1.4404/AISI 316L)
• Conductivity monitoring for high-level process security*
• HEPA H14 fine filter for germ-free drying air

* depending on the model

Visual monitoring of chamber

• Process control thanks to full glass door
• Integrated chamber lighting
• Automatic door lock


PLW 6111

• Capacity - 225 l
• Performance/cycle: 126 narrow-necked glassware or 121
   pipettes, alternatively 468 test tubes or 84 laboratory flasks
• Ergonomic loading and unloading – telescopic runners
• Flexible – 3 baskets in 4 different level positions thanks to SmartLoad
• Have everything in view thanks to the full-glass door
• Possibility to reprocess flasks up to 50 l


Wide range of load carriers

• Range specifically designed for laboratory use
• Maximum flexibility combined with intuitive use
• Wide range of standard and configurable loading options
• Possibility to reprocess even the smallest items of laboratory
  glassware through to very large containers (up to 50 l)

Spotless results through combination of program cycle and ProCare Lab process chemicals

• ProCare Lab process chemicals for optimum results
• Thorough cleaning combined with the gentlest treatment of
• Detergents and neutralising agents in various canister sizes