Take advantage of leasing. It is possible to lease almost anything associated with your business operation, including capital equipment, hardware, software and even soft costs such as installation and consultation. 


Optimierte Eigenkapitalquote

Conserve your capital and borrowing power

Leasing provides an alternative source of credit and financing that allows you to acquire what you need when you need it.

Einfach mehr Liquidität

Outsource your asset management

Leasing allows to spread the cost evenly over the lease term.

Steuern sparen

Tax benefits

Monthly payments on operating leases are typically viewed as operating expenses.

Einbringung des Gerätes

Overcome budget limitations

Spreading the costs evenly over a lease term can help to acquire the quality and quantity of assets you really want.

Installation an vorhandene Anschlüsse gemäß Miele Installationsplan

Stay on the leading edge

Leasing can offer a built-in termination date, the lease term, which can be calculated to coincide with the equipment's productive life.

Direkt startklar durch Vor-Ort-Einweisung

Ready to go

Training and introduction by Miele.


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