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Analytically pure laboratory glassware reprocessing

With laboratory glassware washers, special reprocessing methods and accessories tailored to the specific needs of applications, Miele offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to the safe and thorough reprocessing of a wide range of laboratory glassware. System solutions facilitate reproducible results even in challenging areas of application such as organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, in hospital laboratories and in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.

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Miele Professional sets standards, in service too. Our specially trained technicians will be happy to offer you expert advice and can align your professional machines with individual user processes.

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Duran Group

Miele Professional recommends Duran laboratory glassware and the Duran Group recommends Miele Professional lab washers: Chemical properties are the key to retaining the value of high-quality laboratory glassware as durable materials combined with gentle cleaning processes minimise the risk of glass corrosion. With its outstanding chemical properties, DURANĀ® laboratory glassware is particularly suitable for multiple cleaning and guarantees a long service life of the laboratory glassware.

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