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Perfectly matched

Everything from a single source – System4Med 

With System4Med, Miele Professional offers an innovative complete system for safe and efficient reprocessing of instruments in medical practices. Based on many years of experience and in close consultation with experts in the field, System4Med offers a system solution which can be divided into four steps: cleaning / disinfection / sterilizing, bespoke component solutions and process chemicals, documentation, and the highest service quality. During each of these steps, Miele Professional provides powerful appliances, documentation solutions, and further components, as well as comprehensive service. Since all the components in this system come from the same source, they are perfectly integrated with each other. The result is a seamless and economical reprocessing process for instruments which ensures the protection of materials. And administration time is optimized too, since Miele is always at your side as an expert partner in all matters – from machine technology to financing.

Practical solutions

Machines for cleaning and disinfection

Miele Professional has been setting standards in the field of efficient and safe machine-based instrument reprocessing in clinics and surgeries for more than 5 decades. Miele Professional Washer-Disinfectors enable the safe and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of instruments used by doctors and surgeons. They are particularly gentle and meet the highest requirements for an instrument cycle without any weak points. Furthermore, they can be used in all areas of medicine, while program packages are available for specific target groups.

The right equipment for your application

Perfectly matching components

In order to ensure that medical devices are reprocessed safely and in a manner which retains their value, Miele Professional offers a wide range of components including upper and lower baskets, mobile units, and inserts for a broad range of instruments. These components are the perfect match for the Miele Professional appliances and enable individual solutions for every requirement – including reprocessing anaesthetic instruments, MIS instruments, and components suitable for ophthalmology and gynecology.

Seamlessly reproducible process operations

Intelligent documentation software

Miele Professional offers flexible solutions for the documentation of instrument reprocessing. The documentation of reprocessing, including all relevant parameters, represents a clear quality benefit – and offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize both processes and costs.

A strong partner

Typical Miele - also our service

Miele Professional is synonymous with exceptional quality – not least when it comes to service. Miele offers a series of process checks performed at various times throughout an appliance’s life cycle. Specially trained technicians carry out process tests in accordance with legal requirements and standards as well as country-specific recommendations.

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