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When it's a question of hygiene

Absolute hygiene

Comprehensive hygiene management is particularly important in preschools and schools. Not only do Miele Professional dishwashers and washing machines clean dishes and textiles to the highest of standards, they also make them hygienically clean. Selected special programs, a unique fresh-water rinsing system with fresh water after each wash phase and high rinse temperatures that target microorganisms guarantee hygienic results in every wash process. At the same time, Miele Professional dishwashers offer great flexibility thanks to short cycle times so that mountains of dishes can be quickly and efficiently cleaned. In addition to this, the built-under appliances can be integrated perfectly under the countertop in a row of cabinets.
For equally perfect results in your laundry care, Miele Professional washing machines clean fabrics, soft toys as well as items used in therapy clinics with the same thoroughness. A special program for "hard items" has been developed specifically for washable toys as well as textiles with hard plastic parts. The objects are moved through the water in an optimum washing rhythm and delicately cleaned. For carefree play - every day.

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