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Technology for commercial laundries

The rotary ironers PM 12

Thanks to the best ergonomics, unique user convenience, perfect laundry results, exclusive features and excellent power, the PM 12 product range sets the benchmark in the compact class.

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Dishwashing technology


Your best new colleague

Making sure your dishes are ready for use again in next to no time! With their short cycles of only 24 minutes, ProfiLine machines ensure that dishes are turned around fast (cycle time depending on site conditions (temperature of incoming water / power connection). No longer washing dishes by hand at the end of a long day at the office.

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ProCare Shine

Because no-one understands our dishwashers like we do

Give your dishwasher what it deserves with ProCare Shine: The detergents and rinse aids from Miele Professional are perfectly suited to high-quality washing technology – an innovative system that will delight you with its economic use of products and simple controls, not to mention its hygienically sparkling results. See for yourself!

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Dental and laboratory technology

ProCare Lab

No one knows our laboratory glassware washer as well as we do

Miele Professional’s cleaning and neutralizing agents are perfectly formulated to meet exacting standards of cleanliness. They ensure thorough results in processes designed to care for your load.

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PG 8581 – PG 8593

The generation PG85 of washer-disinfectors and laboratory glassware washers

Find out more about our products in the dental and laboratory area. Benefit from more performance, efficiency, safety and flexibility.

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