The new ProfiLine generation.

Glasses Plates and Cutlery – Spotlessly Clean in only 17 Minutes

Glasses Plates and Cutlery – Spotlessly Clean in only 24 Minutes*

The new ProfiLine generation

Fast, clean dishware: The new ProfiLine generation.

* Connected to hot water, 120/208-240V

Customer benefits

Performance for professionals. Convenience familiar from your own home.

Today's world is moving fast – making one resource increasingly valuable: Time. Our daily schedules are tightly packed, and the demands on our time are enormous. 

The new ProfiLine dishwashers were developed to meet the challenges of commercial use – and combine technology from the latest Miele Professional machines with the convenience and design of our flagship domestic models. With an intuitive user interface, smart features and 8 programs with short cycle times, our new ProfiLine dishwashers ensure that impeccably clean dishware is ready for use again quickly.

Perfect results in the shortest of times.

24-minute cycle time

With their impressively short cycle times lasting only 24 minutes (when connected to hot water and 120/208-240V), ProfiLine models are 3 times faster than domestic dishwashers. This means that clean dishware is ready for use again in next to no time – leaving your kitchen tidy and uncluttered.

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Effective against viruses – scientifically proven*

According to certificates issued by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology with respect to the removal of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (e.g. Coronavirus or influenza) in the 'Hygiene' and 'Intensive' programmes and the removal of enveloped viruses, including Noro- and Adeno viruses in the 'Short' and 'Universal' programmes. In both cases using Miele ProCare Shine 11OB (dispensing recommendation 30 g), 12GC and 10GC.

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Quality you can rely on: Miele Professional dishwashers are tested for a long service life.

12,500 program cycles

ProfiLine dishwashers are tested under laboratory conditions to ensure that they last 12,500 typical cycles and are designed for up to 5 cycles per day.

Rugged materials

Components subject to heavy use are made from robust, durable materials which are put through stringent tests and are designed for continuous use in a commercial environment.

Smooth surfaces

The surfaces of operating elements present no nooks or crannies in which soil can gather. All surfaces are easily wiped clean and contribute towards enhanced hygiene standards.


ProfiLine Dishwasher PFD 101U

PFD 101U

Undercounter unit with stainless steel front.

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