Commercial Dishwashing

PG 8061
PG8061 High-Temp Dishwasher

Exceptional Performance and Hygiene.

PG8172 Pass-through Dishwasher

Outstanding Cleaning Power for Spotless Results

Dishwasher accessories

A Perfect Match for Perfect Results

ProfiLine Dishwasher

Faster, More Powerful, More Convenient

G8066 Tank dishwasher

Fast, powerful, hygienic

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Laundry Care Technology

Brochures for commercial laundry technology

Laundry Products Overview

Washing, Drying, Ironing

Rotary Iron HM 16-80

Compact Rotary Ironer for Excellent Results

PM 12 Rotary Ironers

Best Ergonomics, Simple Operation, Perfect Laundry Finish

PW 4xx, PW 8xx Benchmark Machines

For top performance in laundries


Dental Applications

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System for Instrument Reprocessing in Dental Practices.

PG85 Dental Washer-Disinfectors

For Instrument Reprocessing in Dental Practices

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Laboratory and Medical Applications

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Undercounter Laboratory Glassware Washers PG 85xx

Perfect Analytically-Grade Reprocessing of Laboratory Glassware.

Large Capacity Laboratory Glassware Washers

G 7825 - PG 8528


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