Dishwashing technology

Miele Professional offers commercial dishwashers with two dishwashing technologies: freshwater dishwashers and tank or pass-through dishwashers.

Commercial dishwashers using freshwater technology deliver sparkling results in all applications requiring maximum cleaning quality and hygiene. When washing glassware, the freshwater system changes the water between the individual phases of the program, ensuring consistent premium cleaning quality throughout each cycle.

Their high washing performance and short program cycles make these machines an efficient solution for commercial dishwashing applications of all kinds. The glass washers and dishwashers are ideally suited for the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as associations and schools. For environments with very high cleaning and hygiene standards and for expert cleaning of glassware, cutlery and dishes, these commercial dishwashers can be reliably used in hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens.

Maximum hygienic safety is required especially by all institutions for YOPI (Young, Older, Pregnant, Immunosuppressed) persons. In these environments, Miele models with high cleaning temperatures represent valuable elements of systematic infection prevention.

In addition to freshwater dishwashing systems, Miele Professional also offers tank dishwashers. First-grade cleaning results are not the only impressive feature tank dishwashers have to offer: With their short cycles and energy-efficient performance combined with gentle treatment of valuable dishes, they are the go-to appliances for restaurants, hotels and communal catering.

The tank dishwashing system is ideal for all areas where large quantities of dishes need to be washed in a short amount of time. Its performance has been significantly enhanced for the new generation of Miele Professional dishwashers.

The industrial dishwasher models offer the right capacity for every application, specific programs for all kinds of dishes and degrees of soiling, as well as a wide range of baskets for thorough treatment of all dishes.

To complement the Miele dishwashers, Miele Professional also supplies ProCare Shine detergent. Carefully matched cleaning agents and rinse aids and the quick-response Miele Service combine to complete a unique system: System4Shine by Miele Professional

In addition, Miele’s product range includes dishwashers using the pass-through rack system. These are the consistent response to the need for efficient dishwashing in restaurants, hotels, and smaller communal catering businesses. When it comes to high requirements for economic and resource efficiency, the Miele PG 8172 dishwasher is the top choice. Perfect cleaning performance, top speed and continuous loading – this dishwasher has all the attributes needed to earn its place at the side of professional chefs.

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Technology for commercial laundries

No matter what needs washing – towels or other spa-related items, hotel duvets, delicate outerwear or bulk laundry loads from nursing homes – the high-performance Miele Professional washing machines for 5.5 to 32 kg loads with their carefully tuned standard and special programs guarantee excellent washing results. Miele washing machines stand out thanks to their very short cycles, high ease of use, outstanding spin-drying performance and resource efficiency. These attributes have helped Miele Professional washing machines to establish a fixed presence in in-house catering and restaurant laundry services, full nursing home laundry services, and industrial laundry applications. Miele Professional washing machines are also used for facility cleaning, hotels, kindergartens (daycare centres), restaurants, equestrian sports (riding stables), laundromats, and firefighting services. Miele washers can be purchased or leased for facility cleaning and other applications such as camp grounds. The “Benchmark Machines” generation of washing machines comes in two models, Performance and Performance Plus, and covers the 10 to 20 kg load range. For smaller loads, Miele Professional offers the Little Giant series with a 5.5 kg capacity and the Octoplus models with a 8 or 10 kg capacity. Miele offers industrial washing machines for in-house laundry facilities. The freely programmable control system of the industrial washing machine includes fully tested programs for various applications, such as treatment of down and natural fibre comforters, firefighters' clothing (work gear/protective clothing), mops or horse blankets. In addition to washing machines, Miele also offers a range of commercial industrial dryers with matching capacities. The defining features of the commercial dryers include the patented PerfectDry system, customizable operation, programmable control, various types of heating, and short program cycles. Commercial rotary ironers complete the Miele Professional product portfolio. Especially when it comes to retirement and nursing homes and hotels, our portfolio exceeds every standard and offers a wide range of additional services in the areas of capacity calculation, planning, project management, site management, assembly service, repairs and maintenance. One particular advantage is our customer service, which ensures a short response time.

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Dental technology

With System4Dent, Miele Professional offers an innovative complete system for safe and efficient instrument preparation in dental practices. Developed on the basis of on long years of experience and in collaboration with experts from the field, System4Dent consistently structures the full preparation cycle into four stages: cleaning and disinfection of instruments in the washer-disinfector, use of customized cleaning agents for a thorough and gentle preparation of dentists’ instruments, seamless process documentation, and a full range of services (consultation, financing, repairs).
System4Dent for professional instrument cleaning meets the most stringent requirements for an instrument cycle without any weak spots. It’s the full-system solution for perfect preparation results combined with excellent material protection and economic efficiency in the modern dental practice. This is perfectly exemplified by the Vario TD program, which can be used for the safe and routine preparation of all thermally stable instruments in compliance with DIN EN ISO 15883. This process is particularly gentle on the materials and is also recommended for the preparation of transmission instruments (straight and contra-angle handpieces).

Miele’s thermal disinfector for use in dental practices is a milestone for efficient and safe machine-based preparation of dental instruments.

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Laboratory technology

Automatic laboratory glassware washers by Miele Professional enable an analytically pure preparation of laboratory glassware and utensils. One special feature is the high capacity offered by the lab washer. The new modular basket concept of the automatic labwasher offers maximum flexibility and intuitive operation, so the modules can be used in various combinations. The benefits are saved time, a greater surface area and lower costs. The Miele product portfolio provides options for completely different areas of application, such as the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

For a safe and value-conserving cleaning of laboratory glassware, Miele Professional offers a wide range of accessories, including top and bottom baskets, mobile units and inserts for various glass types.

To complement the automatic laboratory glassware washer, Miele Professional also supplies cleaning agents.
Cleaning and neutralizing agents that have been carefully matched to the individual processing stages allow for a thorough, quick and gentle process. These are perfectly suited for various applications and leave no trace in the automatic labwasher.

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Especially when it comes to large industrial laboratories or university labs, our portfolio exceeds every standard and offers a wide range of additional services in the areas of capacity calculation, planning, project management, site management, assembly service, repairs and maintenance. One particular advantage is our customer service, which ensures a rapid response time.

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