Hands place napkins on the table at a restaurant.

Recommended solutions for restaurants and catering

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A throughput dishwasher, two tank dishwasher and a freshwater dishwasher in a row on a white background

Dishwashing technology solutions for restaurants and catering

In restaurants, great importance is attached to spotless dishes and glassware and sparkling clean cutlery. Besides that, the highest of economic and hygienic standards should be met. No matter how much dishware there is, Miele Professional offers the right dishwasher for every need.

A woman irons a shirt with the Miele steam ironing system. There is a grey washing machine and tumble dryer in the background.

Laundry technology solutions for restaurants and catering

Spotless cleaning results should be a given in the catering industry. Washing machines from Miele Professional guarantee the best results at a low cost. Quick and hygienic.

Clean tablecloths and napkins are important indicators of top-class gastronomy. Optimum cleaning and a perfect laundry finish are essential prerequisites for top-class hospitality in gourmet restaurants. The appropriate machine capacity for every need guarantees the highest level of efficiency and economy.

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Guests in restaurants not only expect perfect service, but also hygienically cleaned and well-kept laundry for maximum comfort. Miele Professional has developed the system solution for restaurants based on many years of experience.